Powerful Tips To Get Your Website Ranked #1 On Google!

The value of the #1 rank on search engines is perfectly understood by all website owners. It is a reason every webmaster and marketer puts 100% effort to get their website on the #1 rank. It is a tough thing to achieve because the competition is quite high as millions of other websites are already struggling to get listed on the first page of Google.

How To Get Rank 1 On Google Fast

You may have heard that getting ranked # 1 for a particular target keyword on Google is a big challenge that is not easy to accomplish. Yet, we have that secret by which you can do it by breaking all the barriers. It is difficult. It also demands your dedication and effort; but it is not impossible.

Our tips can ease up your pathway of getting ranked #1 on Google. There are multiple factors that you need to focus on and work hard to improve them. Here, we have added several effective resources that you should know to accomplish your rank goal.

When Penguin update was not launched, SEO practitioners could boost up the ranking of websites with backlinks only. The arrivals of Penguin and Panda update have completely changed things. It introduced variation in anchor text, new SEO site structure, site quality to get backlinks, and much more.

Check out following checklist to improve your website ranking in SERP

  • Make a thorough keyword research with Google Planner.
  • Pay effort on optimized On-page articles by keeping target keywords in mind.
  • Give value to outbound SEO links.
  • Use LSI Word to keep up a right keyword density.
  • Popularize your articles or posts on various social media platforms along with using SumoMe / Monarch plugin.
  • Make use of guest posting for enhancing the keyword ranking.
  • Take help of SEMRUSH for knowing the position of selected target keywords.
  • Integrate as many social media sharing buttons on the site. You can take help of earlier mentioned SumoMe plugin for this purpose.
  • Stay updated with the guidelines of Google SEO and keep following it.
  • Always use well-defined permalinks.
  • You should also focus on creating your brand. Try to emerge as a reputable authority for your niche. In this process, social media platforms can be proven as a godsend for you. Your regular and effective engagement to social media sites will help accomplish this purpose and make you famous among target audiences and entire niches.
  • Try your best to enhance user experience. For this purpose, you need to work hard to improve loading time of your website, navigation, internal linking, related post, readability of content, proper ad placement, and call to action factors.

The main key of the #1 rank on Google is to make a website or a platform that users consider a valuable place on a particular niche. If you are serious about this for your business site, then SEMRUSH tool can be helpful to you. SEMRUSH helps spot competitor details for SEO and presents better strategies to beat the competition.

WebWiseChoice SEO Team
September 2, 2016