How To Dramatically Increase Your Twitter Following

Twitter is one of the best social media sites we have out there. Everyone doesn't always start on top, but we can show you how to get there. Do you think there's a secret trick to be the most popular Twitter star? After all, celebrities have it really easy! Celebrities like Beyonce or Bruno Mars have a high profile of followers. It's not hard to get where they're at, but it will take some work.

When you tweet a lot on Twitter, you may have a lot of followers because of it. If you don?t tweet as much, you may have less than 100 followers. The most important thing about Twitter is your followers. Engage them at every given moment with inspiring content or just your insight in today?s world. You never know when the content you post can really make a difference in the world.

The best thing about Twitter is you can showcase your business to the world. Expanding your business on social media can really make a huge difference in the ranges of clientele you have. Recent statistics from an infographic by analytics company KISSmetrics show that Twitter users have a chance of buying from businesses they follow online. Twitter is a good avenue to try if you want to branch out further in the social media realm.

To get you more followers on Twitter, try some of the steps below!

  1. Make LinkedIn a factor: LinkedIn is a really good tool for connecting with people. It?s always good to follow your LinkedIn connections on Twitter for better prospects. If you have a long list of contacts, consider saving them by creating a CSV file. Once you import the contacts, you are well on your way to following your LinkedIn connections!
  2. Schedule your tweets: Do you like to tweet a good amount of content on a steady schedule? You could consider using a handy tool like Hootsuite! You can schedule your tweets the way you want and save time doing it. It?s all about engaging your followers on Twitter in the best way possible. Crank out more content and look forward to your followers enjoying every minute of it!
  3. Chat with other Twitter users: Since you love Twitter to the fullest, get in some groups and expand your horizons with other Twitter users. The groups you get into will consists of a wide variety of people within various industries. Talk about a certain topic, engage with other Twitter users, and gain new followers along the way! Check out #blogchat or #mediachat if you want to branch out of your circle.
  4. Juggle your activities: Everyone is good at juggling their activities! If you have any spare time or none at all, you can still find a way to tweet in the meantime. You can put your tweets in during your daily activities if you want. Tweet any place you like at any time you like!
  5. Respond, respond, respond: Don't forget to comment on your Twitter posts! That's very important in showing your followers you care and have similar interests. The more interests you share, the more they will want to follow you and learn about you.
  6. Be an inspiration: inspiration can spark interests in followers. Share some inspirational quotes so you can stand out to your followers. With each post you write, you will engage more users. If a quote inspires you, then retweet it! You never know how many other uses can like the same quote you do.
  7. Don't forget to follow your users: Have you ever heard of Tweepi? It's a helpful tool that allows you to see who your followers follow. If they share common interests with you, then we recommend you following them as well.
  8. Take note of the Twitter recommendations: Twitter always gives good recommendations on who to follow in the #Discover section. Twitter always wants to see you succeed in every way!

What do you think of these methods? We think they will be helpful to you on your journey. If you have any more methods you want to mention, then write your responses in the comments section. We look forward to your feedback!

WebWiseChoice SEO Team
Feb 3, 2017