How To Avoid Getting Your Google+ Business Account Suspended

Google is a widely known and used platform throughout the entire world! Everyone that knows about Google has a Google account. With your Google account, a Google+ profile is attached for you to add your photo and personal details. Back in the day, Google accounts were mainly set up for business rather than personal purposes. For example, let?s say you owned a candy store named Taffy Burst. Taffy would be considered the first name and Burst would be the last name. These key details would pertain to your business name rather than your actual name.

What Really Changed?
With the new Google+ profiles, a real human name is definitely needed. If a non-human name is used at any given moment, the account can get suspended. This issue can really make it hard for businesses to branch out with their pages. The worst thing that can happen is suspension of your profile. Once your profile reaches over 60 days of suspension, Google has free reign to remove all your content.

There may be a major confusion and duplication of your profile and business page if your account becomes suspended. To stay on the safe side, make sure your account name is at the highest standard.

Google has a way of letting you know if you have an "improper name". The good thing about Google is they offer clarification on why they consider the name to be improper. I am sure Google has knowledge that a lot of accounts have other names.

What To Do Now?
Do you want to find the easiest way to get this issue cleared up? Business account managers can follow these simple steps to get their accounts back in order:

Step 1: Take a quick moment to log in to Google

Step 2: Be prepared for the following situations to occur.

  • First time account access after Google added Plus pages
    1. A form will appear for you to set up your Plus page
    2. Edit the required fields with your desired human name
  • Google+ already set up on your account
    1. Check your account name
    2. Make sure it's a human name rather than a business name
    3. Click on 'view profile' in the top right corner of the page over your photo
    4. If you wish to change your name, click over the name to update it with the human name of your choosing.

    It's best if you don't change your information often. Google monitors and limits how many times information can be changed.

  • Flagged/suspended account
    1. A red banner will appear at the top of your webpage as soon as you login
    2. Make sure you follow the steps outlined in step 2b (Check on the changes within a 48-hour period to make sure they are accepted by Google for the suspension to be removed)
    3. Check to make sure your account privileges are still intact or if they have been lost

Hope this article has really helped you or anyone else fix the issues with a Google business account. Check out the comments section if you need more help regarding this issue!

WebWiseChoice SEO Team
Feb 3, 2017