What Is The Need Of HTML Structure Data & Way To Use It!

Having properly structured data on your site is mandatory. It helps search engines to learn what the available content is all about. It is a way to present the website content in a more appropriate way to all Google users. When your website has well-structured data, you can expect more visibility of your site in search engines. There are two main factors that help simplify the process of data structure. One is Data Highlighter expansion to a new form of HTML structured data and another is Structured Data Markup Helper.

Knowing the support for websites in Data Highlighter

Launched in 2012, data highlighter is a point-and-click solution for telling Google the actual structured data pattern for various website events – eliminating the need to edit the HTML coding of a site. Data Highlighter is also useful in making users know various types of structured data available on the website like local businesses, software, applications, products, services, restaurants, movies and so on.

To start using data highlighter, go to your webmaster tools and choose your website. Then, click on “Optimization” source available in left end and there is Data Highlighter, where you need to click on. The process will encourage you to enter the typically structured web page URL of the site as well as tag the main fields with mouse. The entire tagging would take hardly 5 minutes of time for one page or approximately 15 minutes to complete a consistently formatted web page pattern. In the end of this process, you would be required to verify the understanding of Google for your HTML structured data. If, it is successfully verified, you can publish in on Google.

As you have re-crawled your site, it will get more enhanced information display for reviews, prices and ratings etc. on search results.

Structured Data Markup Helper Solution

There is no doubt that Data Highlighter works greatly in making Google understand the structured data of your site without even editing the HTML. It is the most preferred tool to embed the structured data straight in the web pages. To help Web Authors in accomplishing this job, the structured Data Markup Helper Solution comes into the picture.

In Data Highlighter, one has to submit the HTML code and URL of a web page by using the mouse for “tagging” the main segments of particular data. After doing this task, the structured Data Markup Helper produces a sample code for HTML using Microdata Markup. You can download this code and use it as a guide to enhance the structured data of your site.

The tool helps users to support the subdivided data types. This includes almost all types of data from Data Highlighter. It also includes data being used for various embedding in Gmail. Here, you should consult the schema.org to get complete documentation on schema.

Using both of these tools, you can improve the HTML structured data of your site and enhance the performance on search engines.

WebWiseChoice SEO Team
September 2, 2016