Knowing The Value Of Google Webmaster Tools For Websites!

Google Webmaster tools are basic mechanisms that Google uses to communicate with all the webmasters. These tools enable one to discover complexities within a site and tells if the site is infected or suffering from malware. The most interesting thing about Google Webmaster tools is it comes for free. You need to have an account with GWT and that is all you need to get started. This article talks about Google Webmaster tools and how it works to enhance the performance of a website.

To start, you need to get ownership of Google Webmaster tools. Once you have it, you need to place the code in your website. By logging in the account of GWT, a dashboard will appear comprising of various sections. The sections will be Crawl Errors, Sitemaps, links to site, and search queries. All these sections have their individual role in improving website performance that is going to be disclosed here.

Crawl Errors
The section of crawl errors displays various errors encountered by Google bot on a site. It gives the same data as you get with Spider Simulator. It indicates missing pages, inaccessible web pages, server issues, and other types of issues that prohibit Google from perfectly crawling on a site.

Search Queries
This section displays various keywords that bring users to a site. It is comprised of a long list that shows the keywords searched by users that visited your site. If the list matches those keywords you optimized for, then it goes in favor of your website. In most cases, the list has keywords you are completely unaware of. It is a good idea to choose keywords available in the list and redo your optimization process.

Links To The Site It is one of the most important aspects of Google Webmaster tools. It helps Webmasters to see where the internal as well as external backlinks are coming from. It also shows the linked pages a website is connected to. No other link evaluating tool will show you thorough details of your site like this one.
The most effective usage of this section is to easily disavow links that may be bad for your site. Considering the fact that a bad link may harm the ranking of a site, you should immediately get it out from your site.

This section is accessible through the dashboard of GWT. It displays the website sitemaps that Google found and total URL numbers available in them. If you see any change in the sitemap, you may submit a fresh sitemap to Google for further use.

Robots.txt & Additional Stuff It represents the advanced section of GWT, which is comprised of great stuff inside. With these tools, you can submit an robot.txt.file. It is full of several useful features and gives great benefits.

WebWiseChoice SEO Team
September 2, 2016