Exploring Google AdWords & Its Major Components

Google AdWords is an ad service owned by Google that enables website owners to determine search results for sites on SERP (search engine result page). It is a paid service. If you choose Google AdWords, be ready to invest some money. It is a fast way to boost the web ranking for a new site organically. The paid searches give immediate results. It is not expensive and very easy to perform tasks.

Let’s explore major components of Google AdWords that help boost ranking

  • Your Target Audience

    The first and the most important component of Google AdWords is a targeted audience for websites. Make sure to find out the most relevant audience who you think will be interested in your product or service. If you are not selling anything, then make sure the target audience should prefer reading your updates or content on your site. Your focus should be on finding the right target audience to make the most out of your paid Google AdWords services. Target audiences can be based on gender, location, age, and time. Use these factors to filter your target audience.

  • Appropriate Keywords

    The selection of appropriate keywords plays a vital role in ensuring your win in the Google AdWords campaign. It is a reason right keywords are considered as one of the main components for Google AdWords.

    A right keyword always reflects the purpose or product you deal in. Along with a right purpose, it should also be the one most of the web users use to search a particular product or service on the search engine. While choosing keywords, you just need to think the way a general searcher does for finding a product on Google or any other search engine.

  • Bidding

    The budget of your ads is something that directly affects the placement of the ad and how it will be displayed on search engines.

    The interface of Google AdWords can show you the pricing for each keyword you are interested in for bidding. This process is named as cost per click. If you bid for $1 per click, then you will have to pay Google $1 for every time any web user clicks on the ad. It does not matter if the user purchases any product of yours or not. Besides, you need to mention the spending cap. It can be weekly, monthly etc. If the target is $20 for a day, then the search engine stops to display the ad for rest of that day when 20 clicks are over.

  • Your Own Ad

    The ads of Google AdWords are composed of 3 lines. The header is 25 characters and the descriptive text is 2 lines or 35 characters each. There should be 95 characters in a total ad.

    It is a big challenge to write a powerful ad within 95 characters. Make sure your ad shows the purpose you want it to be.

  • Landing Pages

    Generally, many of the marketers underestimate the value of landing pages in Google AdWords. They should know that it is an integral component. In landing pages, you should specify a particular page where a user has to go. This page is termed as land on page. When a user clicks on a link, it redirects him to a specific page. This page is known as a landing page. Make sure to direct your audience to the right page they are interested in.

WebWiseChoice Development Team
September 2, 2016