E-commerce Business Optimization & Increasing Revenue

There are a few places where we can learn about E-commerce Optimization. The most effective and genuine learning tool is your own site. It's a risk to take and a lot to gain.

When it's an online business, getting your site on the first page of search engine ranking pages could mean a lot. Keyword Analysis is the first step in targeting specific keywords. Use multiple tools available online or Google AdWords keyword planner for this purpose.

But the best tool available understands your customers. Yes, Google may not have yet been familiar about the jargons that you use professionally as well as those are the terms that your potential customers will be searching for.

After analyzing the keywords to target, you can go on about optimizing the page (adding those keywords to the title, URL and description at the least) and creating contents to meet your marketing resource needs.

After all these steps, you are ready to check your new/renewed optimized site and the conversion that you get from it. Just to let you know, it will be slow. That is the path for organic SEO. Now you'll have to start collecting the backlinks from higher authority sites and work on SMM too. If you are lucky, you may get some conversion from your SMM campaign too. Make sure to know the basics before starting.

If you're the one who values time and wants quick results, you will opt in for the CPC and other paid promotions. That's good for you if your site is ready for conversion, but don't do it if you're not about to go live.

Then, it's time to start working on visitor acquisition, crawl error and other data obtained from analytical tools provided by the search engines. Finding out the correct way to position the CTA in your site for more conversions and changing the contents of your site while occasionally changing the product's availability are important tasks in your site.

After putting your efforts in and focusing to make things right, your sales revenue will get up to one level and get stuck. This is where you need a new strategy. Take help from the other merchant sites, export your product feeds to them and list your products in those merchant sites.

What will be the outcome of that? If you ask me, you will have expanded the market reach for your products and tapped into the list of customers who have been searching your products in those market places.

WebWiseChoice Marketing Team
June 21, 2016