Amazing Benefits Of Working With Package Manager!

To build up a site, there are many things that are needed to make it function correctly. Libraries, frameworks, assets, and utilities are just a few of the tools required.

There are many programming languages that carry standard package managers. They are used by the Developers to install all the libraries such as pip for Python, gem for Ruby, and others. For server-side JavaScript, we have npm. Client-side JavaScript didn't possess anything at first. There were many complex package handlers such as the Component, Jam, Ender, and Volo. There is a limited sense in package handlers that can't install the appropriate packages because a bulk of them never populated greatly.

It is necessary that you keep track of all the packages and make sure that they are updated as per the needed versions.

Bower can handle elements that comprise CSS, HTML, fonts, JavaScript or even image files. Bower doesn’t minify code or create anything else. It just establishes the finished versions of the combinations you want and their yokes.

In order to start, you should know that Bower starts working after getting and installing the packages from everywhere. All the track of files is kept by Bower in a manifest file, which goes by the name of Bower.json. How they should be used definitely depends on you. Hooks are provided by Bower in order to facilitate the use of packages in the work flow and tools.

Bower is not the regular package administrator for client-side JavaScript, but the most common one. There are more than 16K packages.

The optimization of Bower is done for the front-end. The multiple packages dependency is shown on a package - jQuery. For example, let’s say Bower will download jQuery only once. This is perceived as a flat dependency graph and it benefits in reducing the load of the page.

Bower installs the correct version of the packages that are needed by the project and never guides the user to its individual build system. This is a way for the developer to introduce libraries such as AMD and CommonJS.

Why Not NPM?
The foremost variation between npm and Bower is the way for installing package yokes. For each package, npm installs dependencies independently. As a result, it addresses a big package dependency tree where you can have many versions of the similar package.


To make sure the available library is installed with Bower, there is a need to register it which can be done by:

  • The project should be a GIT repository.
  • At the origin of a project, there should be a Bower.json visible file.
  • The project should adopt semiotic versioning and the container should have a GIT tag for the newest version
WebWiseChoice Development Team
September 2, 2016