Affiliate Marketing for Mobile Apps

Affiliate Marketing is already the number one technique in today's time to increase the traffic to one's website. This would generate more and more sales. It is already rising at all stages. In the case of mobile apps, it has also been observed that there is a substantial amount of growth in the rate of Affiliate Marketing for mobile apps. We can simply say that the year of mobile has successfully arrived in today's time. The advertisers who were offering integrated mobile offers have kept their words. Customers, affiliates and he advertisers are getting the benefit of it.

The Rise
Sources say that the mobile app usages and website tracking implementations were at a high priority in the year 2014. With enabled cross device conversion, advertisers are allowed to optimize their conversion touch points. These plans attract more and more mobile traffic publishers. Gaining more mobile publishers will obviously benefit the advertiser in a long and promising way. The reason in the rise of Affiliate Marketing for mobile apps has been increased due to the integration systems done by the advertisers. Integrating performance marketing to the mobile apps is a real attractive way. In this way, the customer's behavior changes a lot in which they tend to use the mobile app more frequently than using the website. Any mobile app has a higher number of visitors per day if compared to its original website. What's the reason? The one and only answer is integration.

Advertisers and publishers working together to get Affiliate Marketing in both e-sites and m-sites are being benefitted in both ways. They will be getting mobile traffic as well as website traffics. The best campaign results can be gained when advertisers work to generate whole and large volumes of generic traffic instead of only targeting mobile app focused traffic.

A weightage should also be given on the importance of mobile affiliate tracking. In the case of website affiliate tracking, it is done very easily with the help of a cookie. It is not so easy in the case of mobile affiliate tracking. This becomes complicated due to the addition of app stores such as Google play. For tracking the mobile affiliates or app downloads by the customers, SDK technology is best preferred. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It must be installed in the app. After the installation, the app requires resubmission to the app store. This will confirm the pixel to fire when the app is opened for the first time by any user. In this way, the app can be easily tracked by the advertisers.

Is there any future challenge for mobile Affiliate Marketing? Market research has already proved that the internet is accessed by the majority of the world. If the mobile websites and apps are also being monetized, then why do the advertisers not get a good result? There are some challenges that need to be tackled in the upcoming times, but mainly for the affiliates. Driving traffic to the right affiliate advertiser can create a problem, but these types of problem arise when the affiliate is working for more than one advertiser. Affiliate links needs to be refreshed from time to time so that the user experience is excellent and the link does not create any problem. If a customer faces any issue while opening the app or link, then all the efforts of the affiliate getting successful mobile Affiliate Marketing results will fail immediately. To create better results to the advertiser, affiliates should avoid issues like poor user experiences when using the app or mobile site. Mobile Affiliate Marketing also requires months of administration.

In Conclusion
Within the past few years, it has been seen that driving sales performance through mobile apps has been a hot mobile trend. Tremendous results have been showed with mobile Affiliate Marketing and are growing to date. The results can be achieved on a performance model. Nowadays, reduced risks are associated with click models and impressions.

WebWiseChoice Marketing Team
May 26, 2016